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Still Life With Mommy

It’s the stereotypical question when someone finds out I stay at home with my two young children: “What do you do all day?” And I guess the stereotypical answer is “Well, I don’t know exactly.” It’s a tough one, one that can’t really be explained to someone who hasn’t actually done it.
But as I sat [...]

Wherein the Burger King picks me up by the collar and smacks me around a while

THE BURGER KING (as in, the King of Burgers): Pssssst.  Beth. Beee-eeeeththththth.
ME: Shut up Burger King. Don’t even start. You know we’ve sworn you off in our house. You’re not good for anyone - not my kids, not my ass, and certainly not the planet. So just don’t even start with me, all right? Get [...]

Beth’s Recipe For Birthday Success

four brand new, never-before-tried-by-you recipes
extremely limited time
a complete lack of necessary kitchen appliances
a three year old and a one year old
a rough ETA for the arrival of the majority of your in-laws
a husband who is to be surprised for this birthday extravaganza, leaving him completely bewildered as to why you would need 2 hours to [...]

Tempt not the fates - Lest the Gods of the Garden of Olive kick you in the balls

Yesterday was our five year anniversary, mine and Hubby’s. While on our vacation last week we decided to do our celebrating on Friday, our last night at the beach. We had put the kids to bed early and ordered some fancy take-out and spent our evening on the deck listening to the ocean. [...]

Seasons Change

I’ll tell you a little secret: I’m not really a baby person. I’m really not. Babies always sort of freaked me out growing up. I guess I didn’t have much experience with them or something, and well, I guess I just didn’t get the whole babies are so great/cute/cuddly thing. [...]


Next time you, say, fall down half a flight of stairs, you may find yourself sitting at the bottom letting it all pour out, so to speak. The tears may begin - the bruised and skinned elbow, the other jammed elbow, the already swelling back bruise, and the sore ass - but they may [...]

Oh Guano

So I wake up around 6:30 am. This is not uncommon. Pregnancy has made me wake up around 4:00 or so every night and then only have some very light sleep until Sam and I both get out of bed around 8:00. 6:30 is also roughly when Hubby begins to get ready [...]