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From Dirt To Dinner - Tomato Love

I know. I was supposed to talk about tomatoes. Like 2 weeks ago. And the thing is, we’ve been eating a ton of tomatoes. Seriously. And there have been several meals that I would have deemed “post-worthy.” But again, the thing is, it’s summer. And August is nuts over here.
We’ve got two birthdays in our [...]

From Dirt To Dinner - PEAS!

Welcome back to From Dirt To Dinner. Today we are featuring PEAS - any kinda pea - shelling, snap, snow, what have you.
When choosing a recipe for this week I had a few things in mind. 1) I really wanted my kids to eat whatever I made. 2) I most definitely wanted to use [...]

Rocket, Tee-Pee, Call It What You Will

In my *extensive* one year of vegetable gardening experience, peas have so far been one of my very favorite things to grow. There is just something so fun about them - the staking, the pretty white flowers, and most importantly, having a constant outdoor snack for the boys to crunch on. I can’t remember [...]

Let’s Learn About Rhubarb

So, the upcoming theme ingredient for Friday’s From Dirt To Dinner is going to be RHUBARB. I know rhubarb can be a little intimidating - it’s looks kind of weird and not at all unlike celery, many people have never had it before, certainly most have not cooked with it.
Last year was my first time [...]

Tomatoes part Deux

Ok, Kate has put up the second part of our tomato interview - you can see it here.
So tomato interview part one focuses generally on growing tomatoes from seed vs. seedlings, in containers vs. in the ground, and terra cotta vs. plastic pots. Lots of VERSUS tomato things in there.
Part two is a little more [...]

From Dirt To Dinner - Talkin’ ‘Matoes

For From Dirt To Dinner this week we are featuring tomatoes. I know what you’re thinking - they’re not in season yet! And yep, you’re absolutely right. BUT it’s a great time to start growing your own seedlings right about now, so that when that season does come you’ll be picking them right from [...]

And Then I Went Off The Deep End, Never To Be Heard From Again…

I’m getting a little nutty, I think. I can point to a few key communications with others to demonstrate:
Exhibit A - My husband says to me, “Beth, do you have any idea why my car smells? Is there a used diaper in there?”
“Oh, yeah I’ve gotta bag of composted manure in your trunk. [...]