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Every Man For Himself

Charline is my real-life friend. I remember meeting her for the first time and getting so excited as our conversation progressed because it was one of the first times since becoming a mom where I felt I actually had a lot in common with someone I’d just met, with or without our kids. [...]

The Whirlwind

I have known Kate pretty much since I started blogging. Back then she wrote Peeping Moms, her parenting blog, and since then she has started up a foodie blog called The Clean Plate Club. She has been one of those blog pals that feels like a real life friend right from the start. [...]

Resisting The Total Mom Haircut

I am honored today to have Jo-Lynne of Musings of a Housewife, Chic Critique, and DCR Design (check out my new banner!) guest posting today on one of my all-time favorite topics: Total Mom Haircuts! I had the pleasure of meeting Jo-Lynne in person recently at the Philly Mom Bloggers get together, and [...]

Number 2: Do You?

Joining us at the ol’ salon today is Cheryl, of Twinfatuation, which is a fairly new blog for me, but has been a favorite since its discovery. What I have always thought is amazing about moms of multiples is that all of the stuff that I thought was so hard about becoming a new mom [...]