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Today, I Shall Blog

Oh! Why, hello there . . . um, yeah - over three months since my last post. I have very little to say for myself. Sorry. Nothing horrible happened that caused me to drop off the face of the blogosphere. Time just . . . passed. I almost didn’t think I’d remember how to log [...]

Blowing Eggs Kind of Blows; Quiche Does Not

Ok, so Easter is upon us. There’s a whole lot of egg action going on. In past years I have always hard boiled our eggs for dyeing, but often feel guilty because they don’t usually get eaten. The kids just aren’t really fans of hard-boiled eggs (and really, who is when you’re talking about that [...]

If Every Day . . .

Could be like yesterday, then 2010 will be a great year.
Ok, I just had a lot of trouble typing that number. How strange. How awkward. 2010. Almost mistyped it again.
We spent the day home for the most part, with the exception of a trip to the comic book store so the boys could spend their [...]

Christmas Quandary

Ok, when a neighbor gives you a big plate of Christmas cookies on a pretty nice Christmas plate covered in plastic wrap, do you return the plate? Or is that part of the gift?
I did truffles in little candy dishes and I intended for them to keep the dishes, but now that I’m on the [...]

Holiday Awesomeness

I think I made my last trip to the arts and crafts store today, hopefully. And with that, I believe my shopping is done. There are still many projects to create, at least one more trip to the post office, and much, MUCH baking to be done. There’s a whole lot of nagging of the [...]

This Halloween

The following is one of several items my husband has emailed me from upstairs in his sick bed.
It’s just too perfect.

If you do venture out tonight, I suggest you go as a “Surgeon,” complete with face mask and latex gloves. And maybe leave the cell/blackberry/iphone at home:)
Happy Halloween!


In this last one you can see Robby’s reflection, which seems oddly appropriate.
This morning Sam is saying Robby is “noxious,” which I can only assume means he’s “OBnoxious.” Robby won’t stop trying to eat “bandhands” (rubber bands), and Sam is throwing puzzle pieces. Robby is now wearing a construction helmet and spinning himself around [...]