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Road Trippin’ College Kid and Preschooler Style

Our family is gearing up for a road trip, our longest ever.
It’s my 10-year College reunion. (Now I shall pause so that you can do math and figure out my age, but let me tell you my school does “cluster” reunions, so really it is my 11 year reunion because this year they are including [...]

Morimoto Mommy

Once upon a time, not so long ago, it was Hubby and me. Me and Hubby. And that’s it; it was just the two of us. And when it was just us, we used to do Hubby and me things like, say, watching an entire season of 24 within a one week time span . [...]

And Then I Went Off The Deep End, Never To Be Heard From Again…

I’m getting a little nutty, I think. I can point to a few key communications with others to demonstrate:
Exhibit A - My husband says to me, “Beth, do you have any idea why my car smells? Is there a used diaper in there?”
“Oh, yeah I’ve gotta bag of composted manure in your trunk. [...]

Iris Hermodactylus VS Iron Man

It might take an outsider one morning of listening to my kids talk to figure out what interests my husband and I, and which of those interests have rubbed off onto our children. This morning when we sat down to breakfast Sam exclaimed, “Mommy, three of the irises are blooming!” I beamed with pride at [...]

I Love Snow Days

These are actually from the big snow last week. We have yet to go out in our current blizzard, which might be even more impressive.

Recycled Milk Jug Watering Can and Giving Your “Awl”

When Robby and I visited the farm the other week they were using these to water the seeds they were planting. Totally cute and great, right? Especially because the holes disperse the heavy stream of water a kid typically dumps on plants, and they’re so light to begin with it makes them easier for the [...]


In this last one you can see Robby’s reflection, which seems oddly appropriate.
This morning Sam is saying Robby is “noxious,” which I can only assume means he’s “OBnoxious.” Robby won’t stop trying to eat “bandhands” (rubber bands), and Sam is throwing puzzle pieces. Robby is now wearing a construction helmet and spinning himself around [...]