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The Blogging Thing? It has its Perks

Yesterday I found myself talking up the Philly Moms Blog to a non-blogging writer friend. (They’re still looking for some bloggers in Philly, if you happen to be interested, by the way.) I found myself saying that although the gig doesn’t pay, it definitely has its perks, as does blogging in general.
Take, for example, the [...]


My kids are pink. I took them out for a walk yesterday, not planning to be out long at all and therefore quite unprepared. But, of course, Sam could see lots of kids down at the playground for our complex and how can you say no when your child is saying, “I want [...]

Sam’s Got a Girlfriend, nana nana na na.

Sooooo…we’ve lived here nearly 9 months and I’ve made precisely one friend. Sure, I have acquaintances and other moms I talk to at playgroups and stuff, but as far as someone I feel I have a mutual connection with I’ve just got the one. It may sound like I’m complaining, but I actually [...]

Exhibit A

Just in case there is any question about whether or not the parks around here are tuly devoid of mommies, I’ll provide some proof. Here are some pics of a recent trip that Sam and I took. Do you see anyone else? Didn’t think so.
To entertain himself, because you can only swing [...]

It’s official, I’m a frosh pledge

Desperate times call for desperate measures…and I’m officially desperate. Since moving here things have not been going well on the social front. Sam and I have been the only living humans on the playground pretty much daily. I have made phone call after phone call to parent child centers and community centers [...]

My Mom Haircut is New and Improved

Welcome to my new look! This is what I get when I go to a book group that I’ve looked forward to all month and prepped for all day (mentally and psychologically), one of the only social events I have been able to attend since moving here, only to sit there by myself for [...]

I Asked, I Received

Thank you all so very much for all of your support and suggestions in your comments to my last post. One of the things I have learned more recently in my life is that if you need help it is best to just ask for it, and I’m glad I did. Your comments [...]