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Summer - Will it Ever End?

I kind of feel like this sums up my summer fairly well:
Report: Mom Just Locked Her Door

Heading West

Tomorrow I join the throngs of female bloggers leaving their kids for the weekend. Only I am heading in the opposite direction from Blogher, as far away as I can get, really, as I am going to LA for a great and old friend’s wedding.
This will be my first time away on my own since [...]

Return of the No More Nap

Much to my horror, Robby did not nap today and then made it through the day relatively unscathed. Normally a lack of nap would have resulted in major meltdowns sometime around dinner or possibly before. But no, he was going all afternoon and into the evening. He didn’t even go to bed much earlier than [...]

For Those of You Who Don’t Like Vomit . . .

You should click away right now. No really, go ahead; you really should go somewhere else. Really.
For the rest of you, I think it’s important for you to know that this child -
Yes, this adorable, innocent-looking one

- ate so much ice cream last night that when he was done he got up from his seat, [...]

The Uterus Takes On The Brain

It started about a month ago, when I was convinced I was pregnant. And let me ruin this story now for friends and family and say that I am not pregnant, and I was not pregnant, so don’t go squealing and jumping or anything.
But for about two hours there I thoroughly believed [...]

Winter Funkified

Should I write about the funk I’m in? I don’t know.
The boys are sick and have been for what feels like a very long time. One is now being treated for an ear infection, the other a sinus infection. Due to their hacking coughs and the weather, because we’ve just been hit by “the Flurricane,” [...]

Hear That?

Listen to the sounds of silence, people. There are no children in my house. Notta one. I can’t remember the last time I was in this house alone. I honestly don’t know that it has ever happened, come to think of it. I hear only the new Vampire Weekend album I just downloaded for four [...]