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A Mom to Three Boys

Last night I was telling my husband that I was afraid that I am going to forget this. I’m afraid that, in a few years, I’ll not remember what a sweet baby Matthew is, how happy he is, how often he smiles.  Because I don’t feel like I remember enough about Robby’s infancy, and now [...]

They Win

We named him Matthew, just what his brothers wanted.

What’s ‘is Name?

I think Sam may have named the baby the other day. We were talking about when his brother would arrive - “In about six weeks.”
“But are you counting today?”
“Are you counting the day he is born?”
“So really it’s less than six weeks. It’s more like five weeks . . .”
Sam is a very literal, very [...]


And just like that, he belongs to someone else for most of his day.

Wordless Wednesday - Summer Is HERE

Signs of the Season

I love April. Love May too.
We’ve been watching a Robin build her nest right outside our living room window in a Rhododendron. She worked hard. And then she sat. (Sorry, this photo was taken through our screen window.)

She’s been sitting there for a few weeks now, through the wind and some massive rain. She’s got [...]

Chanticleer Garden

The Feb/March issue of Organic Gardening featured a beautiful article on the best flowering trees. I noticed at the end of the piece that most of the photos for it had been taken at Chanticleer Garden, which happens to be in Wayne, Pennsylvania (not far!) and open to the public for half the week. So [...]