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What’s ‘is Name?

I think Sam may have named the baby the other day. We were talking about when his brother would arrive - “In about six weeks.”
“But are you counting today?”
“Are you counting the day he is born?”
“So really it’s less than six weeks. It’s more like five weeks . . .”
Sam is a very literal, very [...]

I Thought Ya’ll Should Know…

I’m having a baby in less than 7 weeks.
And it’s a boy, our third.
And whether or not that explains my unexplained absence, I don’t know. I think we’ve been in survival mode over here for the past several months, if that makes sense.
So I want you to know that I’m sorry I [...]

Queen of Dairy

Last year at this time I was about 38 weeks pregnant. Sam was about two years and almost 3 months old. I was exhausted, people. I tell you , the whole pregnant with toddler thing? That was rough. I spent quite a bit of time sitting out on the [...]

Tennis Court Tantrums and French Onion Soup

Nearly four years ago The Hubs and I went on a trip to Wisconsin, sort of a last hoorah before he began his second year of law school, and I went back to teaching in September. It wasn’t much of a trip, just to an inn with some restaurants, a pool, tennis courts (we [...]

Here’s Watcha Don’t Wanna Do - second installment

Number One: If you happen to be pregnant and roaming around the CVS with your toddler and that Eric Clapton “Tears in Heaven” song comes on, you don’t wanna stay there. For the love of God, run - run as fast as you can out of the store because we all remember what [...]

Here’s Whatcha Don’t Wanna Do

You read a lot when you’re pregnant about being careful of your balance, or lack thereof.  Because you are a lot bigger and constantly changing in size, it’s hard to keep a good sense of balance and it’s important to avoid awkward situations in which you may become thrown off.  You don’t wanna ignore that [...]

Oh, The Horror

I’ve had some requests for belly pics. I thought it would be fun to do a comparison of this pregnancy to my first and Oh Dear God was it a mistake to look at the old photos. Not fun.  Torture.  Now I need water ice.  Here is a picture of me at 24 [...]