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Blowing Eggs Kind of Blows; Quiche Does Not

Ok, so Easter is upon us. There’s a whole lot of egg action going on. In past years I have always hard boiled our eggs for dyeing, but often feel guilty because they don’t usually get eaten. The kids just aren’t really fans of hard-boiled eggs (and really, who is when you’re talking about that [...]

Winter Activity - Make a Pine Cone Birdfeeder

It’s effing cold out. I don’t need to tell you guys that. We’re all stir-crazy and stuck in the house. And we all know how important it is to expose the kids to some “nature” every day. So what do we do when we’re stuck inside?
Well, remember if you’re effing cold, so are the birds. [...]

You had to go there, didn’t you Cheryl?

You guys are not gonna believe this. So I get a comment from Cheryl a bit ago telling me she’s just tagged me for a meme. And I’m like, “Yeah, meme sounds good. I was going to post tonight anyway and was kicking around a few ideas but am not really committed to anything yet. [...]

Go Ahead - If you DARE!!!

I find it fascinating that I can post about my horrific experience with a slow cooker recipe . . . and that you all still asked for the recipe! And the rest of you asked what I had done wrong! I resent that, ladies. I mean, who says I was the problem, huh? What makes [...]

That’s Funny, I didn’t know it was possible to burn something in a slow cooker…

It was a grand idea, brilliant even. Last night I decided I would follow one of the recipes in a slow cooker cookbook to put together some overnight oatmeal for breakfast the next day. It would be great; I could just get up in the morning and spoon it out to everyone - no work [...]

Beth’s Recipe For Birthday Success

four brand new, never-before-tried-by-you recipes
extremely limited time
a complete lack of necessary kitchen appliances
a three year old and a one year old
a rough ETA for the arrival of the majority of your in-laws
a husband who is to be surprised for this birthday extravaganza, leaving him completely bewildered as to why you would need 2 hours to [...]

A Week of Winter Morning Activities

After writing my last post, it was clear to me that I have let this winter, the exhaustion of raising a toddler while pregnant, numerous colds and illnesses, and an extreme lack of sunlight get to me. That’s not to say I don’t have those feelings, but they are on they negative end of [...]