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Today, I Shall Blog

Oh! Why, hello there . . . um, yeah - over three months since my last post. I have very little to say for myself. Sorry. Nothing horrible happened that caused me to drop off the face of the blogosphere. Time just . . . passed. I almost didn’t think I’d remember how to log [...]


And just like that, he belongs to someone else for most of his day.

Hear That?

Listen to the sounds of silence, people. There are no children in my house. Notta one. I can’t remember the last time I was in this house alone. I honestly don’t know that it has ever happened, come to think of it. I hear only the new Vampire Weekend album I just downloaded for four [...]

Another First Day

Today was the first day of a new year at school for Sam, as well as Robby’s first day of school ever. Here’s the obligatory cute first day photo:

And here’s Robby, at home less than a few hours later, after sobbing in my arms for the duration of his morning at school.

I wasn’t necessarily expecting [...]

Everyone Needs a Valentine’s Post

I still remember the Disney Valentine’s Day special, the one with little vignettes of the characters from all the different movies falling in love. I associate it with Campbell’s soup for some reason - must have been some very good advertising to still be working so many years later. I also remember making my little [...]

Holiday Status Check

All right, I’d say I’m at about . . . 60% done? Maybe not that much.
All the stuff for the boys; gifts for one set of siblings (that’s 1 of 3 sets, by the way, and a set includes between 2 and 3 individuals); all but one pair of parents (and that’s 2 complete pairs [...]

We All Have A Lot To Say About Dumbo’s Mom

Today was the second day since October that school drop off was without a major meltdown. Sam has been horribly upset every school day since I last wrote about this. I was always assured by his teachers that he was fine as soon as I left, often before I was even out of the building, [...]