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The Weekend’s Midpoint

Sam’s school hosted a small fundraiser tonight. I had big plans to put up some video of him and his class doing their little song for the rest of the group. I should know better than to pre-blog anything in my head. Because, of course, were I to show you the video it would basically [...]

Blogher Scarred My Child (but really it was me)

So, I’m an idiot. Yeah, like, complete and total. Get this.
For the past week or so Hubby and I have been desperately trying to figure out what is up with Sam. Remember, he started school this year and all was going well. (Thank you so much to Mom Central for the B.O.M.B. Award for that [...]

First Day

I’ve been proud of my boys before, many, many times of course. I’m proud of them when they reach all the milestones everyone loves - the rolling, the walking, the talking. I was even proud when Sam cut his first tooth, not that he had actually done anything. But my baby was growing and had [...]


Since Sam started school in January he has told me that he only plays with “Jack” while there. I pick him up and ask him about his time on our drive home - “What did you have for snack, what songs did you sing at circle time, who did you play with?” To [...]

On this Eve of your third birthday

Today was your last day of being two.

We went to the zoo, and you helped me push the stroller around.

(Halloween - 5 months)
We rode the train.

(crawling, first vehicle obsession)
You ran around with your friend and chased the geese.

(sick day)
You told me about nine times that tomorrow you wanted “chockat cake [...]

Fowl Games

I awoke to rain and a toddler who refused to go to school. I knew the latter was crucial since said toddler would not be getting out of the house due to the former, so I started the long process of getting a writhing child out the door in a timely fashion. He’s [...]

What’d he say Wednesday (on Thursday) - Sleep talk

A few nights ago we heard Sam yelling in his bed. I ran in to see if I could help him back to sleep. He was dreaming, having a nightmare I suppose, and he often talks in his sleep. And he kept crying, “That mine! Give it back!” It [...]