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Return of the No More Nap

Much to my horror, Robby did not nap today and then made it through the day relatively unscathed. Normally a lack of nap would have resulted in major meltdowns sometime around dinner or possibly before. But no, he was going all afternoon and into the evening. He didn’t even go to bed much earlier than [...]


I’m functioning on about two hours of sleep today. This is why kids can be very, very bad for control freaks like me. You can do everything right, so you think - not eat any chocolate all day, not let the nap go too long, make sure the temperature is right, not get too far [...]

A wedding with some Martha Stewart

We’re back. We survived. When I returned from the wedding no one was crying. One was awake though. Apparently Robby had gone to bed fairly well, but then woke up a few hours later and when I wasn’t there he woke up completely, as though it was a new day or he’d just had a [...]

The daily stroll

I think I see a pattern here. Last night there it was again - “What do you think you’ll dream about tonight?”
And there it was again. 3:00am and everyone’s awake. This time the poor kid fell out of his bed though. That’s happened three times now! And it’s one of [...]

Late Nights and Dreams

As I put Sam to bed each night, I often ask him what he thinks he’ll dream about. Typically the answer is something like trains, cars, diggers, etc. Last night as he was drifting off I asked him what he thought it would be. He said, “Um…you.”
Then he kept me up from [...]

Note of clarification

I just realized that I failed to mention in my previous post that Hubby was in there with Sam. I just edited the post to make it a bit more clear, but for some reason I still felt the need to add this because I realize the rest of the post (as well as [...]

Phase Two - Who’s Your Daddy?

Tonight we begin Operation Sleep: Phase Two - “We love Daddy too.” Let’s note the time: 7:54pm. Hubby is in the bedroom with Sam trying his hand at bedtime; our next step is Hubby involvement. Sam is so close to being night weaned; we’re on the brink of success. I [...]