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Overloaded Post

So, I want to tell you about all these great things that have been happening around here lately. Blog launch parties with friends, winning some gorgeous pots and pans, getting VIP treatment at Sun & Earth. But alas, I can’t write it, not today, because my little boy is having his teeth extracted tomorrow. Extracted. [...]

Find That Funk

Place: Our house. Time: Morning, one day last week.
7:30am - Beth wakes up and thinks to herself that the house smells a little funky.
9:45am - Beth and Robby return from dropping Sam off at camp. Upon entering the house there is a definite odor. Beth takes out the trash and blames The Funk on an [...]

Outdoor adventures, outdoor threats

It was unseasonably warm in the Philadelphia-area today. Immediately upon stepping outside of the house to take the kids to the doctor for well-visits, we were shedding our coats in favor of our long-sleeved shirts. I was disappointed that we had to spend the beautiful morning in the doctor’s office, so I decided that after [...]

To Santa, or Not To Santa?

When I was in about second grade, something happened on a Christmas morning that I will never forget.
I went downstairs, looking for signs that Santa had been to my house. I peeked into our living room and confirmed that indeed, the White-Bearded Jollyman had come. I ran upstairs to tell my parents and drag them [...]

Lost in green and brown.

For somewhere between four and six minutes today, Sam was lost.
We decided to go and check out the new Please Touch Museum this morning. It was rainy and gross out. That combined with it being a Saturday was an assurance that the recently opened museum would be packed. We figured we’d try it anyway. We [...]

Shattered Glass/Rumpled Sheets

In the past week or so, my husband and I have managed to shatter no less than four items: two glasses and two plates. By the third one, we started wondering what the heck was going on. It’s not like that’s the norm in our house.
Then, one night I was getting ready for bed and [...]


Did you ever just have the feeling that something was off? I’m going to tell you right up front that nothing awful happens in this story, but it really got me thinking.
The other day I was walking to a park with the boys, Robby in the stroller and Sam walking a bit ahead. We were [...]