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Odder Even

It was apparently quiz time in the car this morning as we drove my husband to the train station after finding out his car wouldn’t start. (Always an excellent start to the day, btw)
Sam: “Robby, is 50 odd or even?”
Robby: “yes.”
Me: “Good answer!”
Sam: “No! It’s one or the other. Robby, you have to say it’s [...]

Ah, The Gentle Ooze of Molten Lava

So I was talking to Sam about a dresser I want to refinish for his room. And I was telling him I thought we could choose maybe two colors and paint and stencil it. He got very excited, stating that he wants it to be purple (there’s a shocker). Then he added that it should [...]

Staying home today

I think it’s safe to say we’ve already been doing a little too much car travel this summer.
Yesterday Robby woke up from his nap in his bed and, while still half-asleep, exasperatingly asked, “Mooooooom, are we THERE YET?!”
I guess a Not So Manic Monday is in order; we’ haven’t had onE in a long, long [...]

Quotes of this Dreary, Dark Tuesday

“I found you, Mom.” This was one of the first things said to me this morning. I suppose it’s not the quote itself that is worth mention, but the fact that it was said to me by a small, 2 1/2 year-old boy who was peering at me through the hole of a used paper [...]

Goodbye “Ha”

When we woke up this morning, “Ha” was gone. In its place was a well-pronounced “Yeah.” Am I sad to see it go? Ha, oh ha.
There’s still one context in which I get to hear “Ha,” and that’s here (and I’ll warn family that we’re about to talk about my nummies, so this might be [...]


This is “Yudd.” You may know him as Curious George, but to Robby’s unpracticed vocalizations he is called “Yudd,” or “Yode,” and sometimes “Yudge.”
Yudd is a toy that my husband got sometime in college, a play on a nickname he had on his ultimate frisbee team, I believe, since you’ll see that this George [...]

“Oh, Ha!”

Robby doesn’t say the word “Yes.” It’s not in his vocabulary. Instead he has always said “Ha.”
“Do you want more milk?”
“Ready for bed?”
I don’t know how it began. Soon after he started talking he started saying “Ha,” and we quickly learned what he meant. I guess we reinforced it, because now, just one month short [...]