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Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off

“No, Poo-PEE!”
“No! It’s a Poo-PEEEE!”
This is what I’ve been listening to for the past ten minutes. Robby insists it’s a Poopoo (because he can’t say poopie, and yes, he is presently doing one, whatever you call it), and Sam is confident that it’s a Poopie.
Welcome to a rainy, cold Monday morning in our house.
Looks like [...]

Good Night

Sam: “Mommy, I don’t like to sleep. I’m not sleepy.”
Sam begins to sit up
Mommy: “Yes you are, honey.”
Mommy lays him back down
Sam: “No I’m not. I’m not sleepy. You just think so. You just think so because that’s what you think. But I’m not. I’m telling the truth.”
Sam yawns
Sam: “I’m not sleepy.”
Mommy grins. Sam yawns [...]

Magical Conversation

As I was tucking Sam into bed tonight his last words were:
“I want to see a mortician.”
“Excuse me?”
“I want to see one, a mortician.”
“Are you saying mortician? Mortician?”
“Yes. Mortician.”
“Why do you want to see a mortician?”
“Because he does cool things. He has a wand and a bunny and a hat.”


Last night when Sam was getting out of the car to go to see a doctor about his ear pain, I went through my regular reminder that he should stand by his car door and wait for me while I got Robby out of his seat. Our regular method is that I undo his buckles [...]

Now That’s What I Want to Hear!

It’s official - we have a first word from Robby. Ready?
Pronounced “Mmmmamamaaaaa” with three ma’s.
If you’ll remember, Sam’s first was “Car,” so to say my heart is a little melty would be an understatement. I get to go through my day hearing, “Mamamaaaammmmaaaamaaa…” and he knows he’s talking about me. It’s so what I want [...]

What’s He Say Wednesday? - What Fun

Sam, upon leaving the voting booth after getting to read the names with me and push the glowing button (almost too early!):
“That was fun!”
“It sure was, wasn’t it, honey?”
And this morning at breakfast:
“I’m going to have forty-nine children when I’m a daddy. There will be one girl and one boy, and all different colors, and [...]

When Sweetness Tops Itself

So tonight at dinner Sam started talking about how when he grows up he wants to be a Daddy just like his Daddy. And Hubby sat there and beamed. Aaaah. Sweetness.
And then Sam went on to say something along the lines of, “Daddies are to play, and mommies are to snuggle with.” Aaaah. Uber-sweetness.
And speaking [...]