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It Could Be Worse

I was standing in the vet’s office this morning feeling rather sorry for myself. It was only 10:30am and already the day had succeeded in being utterly horrible and disgusting, filled with yelling and rushing the kids and extensive amounts of dog vomit. So I was very much thinking that things just kind of sucked, [...]

Today, I Shall Blog

Oh! Why, hello there . . . um, yeah - over three months since my last post. I have very little to say for myself. Sorry. Nothing horrible happened that caused me to drop off the face of the blogosphere. Time just . . . passed. I almost didn’t think I’d remember how to log [...]

Debate: Should Dogs Be Walked to School?

Ok, so as you know, we just got a dog. She’s awesome. She’s very well-behaved. And she’s particularly good with children.
When we thought about getting a dog I always envisioned walking her to school with us when we took Sam to kindergarten and picked him up. So by the second week that’s what we [...]

And then we decided to adopt

Our first meeting.

And a week and a half later.

I never knew our family had the ability to tire out a big, energetic dog.

But apparently we do.

And I had no idea a dog, especially one with her very sad background, could jump into our family and hearts so quickly, but she has.
According to Sam, “She’s the [...]