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Odder Even

It was apparently quiz time in the car this morning as we drove my husband to the train station after finding out his car wouldn’t start. (Always an excellent start to the day, btw)
Sam: “Robby, is 50 odd or even?”
Robby: “yes.”
Me: “Good answer!”
Sam: “No! It’s one or the other. Robby, you have to say it’s [...]

A Mom to Three Boys

Last night I was telling my husband that I was afraid that I am going to forget this. I’m afraid that, in a few years, I’ll not remember what a sweet baby Matthew is, how happy he is, how often he smiles.  Because I don’t feel like I remember enough about Robby’s infancy, and now [...]

Wordless Wednesday - Summer Is HERE

Return of the No More Nap

Much to my horror, Robby did not nap today and then made it through the day relatively unscathed. Normally a lack of nap would have resulted in major meltdowns sometime around dinner or possibly before. But no, he was going all afternoon and into the evening. He didn’t even go to bed much earlier than [...]

For Those of You Who Don’t Like Vomit . . .

You should click away right now. No really, go ahead; you really should go somewhere else. Really.
For the rest of you, I think it’s important for you to know that this child -
Yes, this adorable, innocent-looking one

- ate so much ice cream last night that when he was done he got up from his seat, [...]

75 and Sunny

Behold, potentially one of the best photos of Robby ever:

(SOOC (straight out of camera) - Am I supposed to tell you that? I saw that on a blog recently. I never edit any of my photos, so am I supposed to say that for every photo I post? Surely not . . .)
Behold, two boys, [...]

Pumpkins, Books, Apples and Sunshine

Fall is my favorite. My absolute favorite. And today was a beautiful sunny day full of pumpkins and apples and golden leaves. We have apples, so many apples! We have pies to bake and pumpkins to carve. We have seeds to toast and seeds to plant (not pumpkins, but garlic).
And I just finished such a [...]