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9 Months

About nine months ago, Robby was learning how to give kisses, and working on walking through the grass:

Just yesterday he was a little man with a new haircut, who told me all about the trains that were going by:

And then, there’s just something about this picture that I love:

Pre-school Anxiety

You know the tour isn’t going well when you have to deviate from your standard list of questions to ask, “Now where is the teacher that is supposed to be in this classroom right now?” as you watch two boys proceed to shove each other.  Ugh.

Brotherly Love

Hubby was carrying Robby out the front door of our building; I was taking Robby’s stroller/carseat and Sam out the back so I could use the wheel chair accessible ramp. I was walking in front of Sam with the stroller when I heard him fall on his way down the ramp. I let [...]


The dining room. 12:30pm. Thursday. Late October.
SAM is sitting at the table eating his lunch. MOM is hovering by him, occasionally sitting down at the table until ROBBY, a 2 month old baby strapped to her in a front pack begins to whimper and wake, to which she responds by periodically [...]

Transitional Objects

Ever since Sam was born I have waited to see what would be chosen as his “Lovey.” I didn’t know when it would happen, but I looked forward to seeing what type of object would become the object of his affection. For me there was Old Dolly, a tattered mess of a bean bag [...]


Oh, this makes me feel much better. Perhaps I’m not scarring them after all.

The suspense is killing me.

I’m counting down the days until I will be on my own with two kids. I’ve had the amazing benefit of having my husband here followed by my mom since I am technically still not supposed to lift Sam (yeah right!) because of the C-section. So I still don’t know how I will [...]