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You Know What We Need? A THEME!

I just stared at my computer for an hour talking myself out of every possible post that came to mind - too boring, too stupid, too much about poop - and then I realized I just need some inspiration. So what better time to start up a new TOTAL MOM THEME?
This one came to me [...]

Total Mom Theme: Simplicity Participants

The following are the posts for this month’s Total Mom Theme, Simplicity. Thank you all for participating! This is a wonderful collection of posts.
Sarah of This One Goes Out to the Friends I Never Had with Slave to Simple - essay - “It’s what’s in a heart that will eventually manifest itself in a person’s [...]

Simplicity: One

This is my first installment for the Total Mom Theme, Simplicity (please go here to see how you can participate - I’m pushing the date back to Saturday, January 10 for everyone due to holiday craziness).
I took these shortly after announcing the new theme and was struck by, well, the Simplicity of it: Two boys. [...]

Time for a new Total Mom Theme

I think it’s time. I hope it’s time. I know we’re all super busy with the holidays, but I love this topic which was sent in by one of you. Ready?
December’s Total Mom Theme: Simplicity.
Won’t that be great to have in the forefront of our minds this month? I say yes!
Here’s how to participate:
Create a [...]

Exploration - Linky Love

I’m so excited to share the following entries from our first Total Mom Theme exercise. I love the various ways each person interpreted the topic, “Exploration.” I was equally excited when I found similarities between posts as I was when they were completely different. (And I learned that I need to not read anyone else’s [...]

Get Ready for Themes

In the spirit of community, I’d like to get going on the theme idea I proposed to you guys a while back. In case you missed that post, what I’d like to do is put up a theme every two weeks or so. Once announced, readers can choose to respond to that theme in whatever [...]

It’s Wednesday, and I’m Totally Wordless . . . and someone just pointed out that it’s actually Tuesday, so now I’m speechless

So, you may have noticed I’ve been a little short on the wordage these days (but lots of photo practice, eh?). It’s been a bit hectic around here, but for great reasons. I found out in the past week and a half that I have two new blog writing gigs on the horizon (one of [...]