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If Every Day . . .

Could be like yesterday, then 2010 will be a great year.
Ok, I just had a lot of trouble typing that number. How strange. How awkward. 2010. Almost mistyped it again.
We spent the day home for the most part, with the exception of a trip to the comic book store so the boys could spend their [...]

You Capture - Still Life on a Rainy Day

When I stopped by I Should Be folding Laundry this morning to remind myself of what this week’s challenge was, I was disappointed when I saw it: “Still Life.” And on her post she had lovely pictures of her home, bright, cheerful, and clean. I looked around my own house and just thought, “What could [...]

Gnome Home

I remember growing up that I was fascinated with gnomes. I had a book of gnomes, one I wish I could find, that had illustrations of various gnomes and their homes. One page stands out in memory specifically, a drawing of a forest and meadow, and the reader was to practice using their “gnome eyes” [...]


This is “Yudd.” You may know him as Curious George, but to Robby’s unpracticed vocalizations he is called “Yudd,” or “Yode,” and sometimes “Yudge.”
Yudd is a toy that my husband got sometime in college, a play on a nickname he had on his ultimate frisbee team, I believe, since you’ll see that this George [...]

You Capture - Perspective - “Landscape”

I have to say, I feel like I’ve really captured our daily lives in these photos. Typically I’m frustrated by the constant mess in our home. I wish I could say what’s on our floor here is out of the ordinary, but it’s really not. Somehow when I look at these though, it doesn’t seem [...]

Hop Scotch

Gumdrops and Lollypops

On the night that the Eagles lost their playoff game to the Cardinals, Sam and I played Candyland. He won the first game, drawing both the peanut and the lollypop in succession, not to mention his impressive run of “doubles.” He was quite pleased with himself, as though he had displayed great skill at drawing [...]