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Winter Activity - Make a Pine Cone Birdfeeder

It’s effing cold out. I don’t need to tell you guys that. We’re all stir-crazy and stuck in the house. And we all know how important it is to expose the kids to some “nature” every day. So what do we do when we’re stuck inside?
Well, remember if you’re effing cold, so are the birds. [...]

1,021 . . . 1,022 . . .

Be warned: This is what happens when it is freezing and hailing outside. This is what happens when Mommy gets the bright idea to “collect all of the vehicles in the house and line them up to see what we have!”
The response to which will be, “Yay! That’s a great idea, Mommy!”
Two hours later, I [...]

Art Time

Had some art time at our house recently. Here’s how Robby “arts.”
Put the markers in the cup.

Remove the markers from the cup.

Throw the markers on the floor.

Scream until Mommy picks them up. And repeat. Sam was quite serious, however - look at that face.

And he made it clear there were to be no red pom-poms [...]

Candyland - A Story in Photos

Sam and I have been playing a lot of Candyland lately.  He caught on remarkably fast, seeing as it’s his very first board game and all.  But after a while I started to notice something a little…odd.
Here are some examples of some of the cards I was allowed to draw during our recent game.

You can [...]

Transitional Objects

Ever since Sam was born I have waited to see what would be chosen as his “Lovey.” I didn’t know when it would happen, but I looked forward to seeing what type of object would become the object of his affection. For me there was Old Dolly, a tattered mess of a bean bag [...]

They came in swarms.

We’ve been attacked by Little People! They’ve come in by bus, by plane, and by train and have totally taken over our living room with their house and garage. Yes, it was a Little People Christmas for Sam, among other things, many other things. This kid has so many freakin’ toys…
The [...]

Grapple, grapple

I have a hard time admitting this, but I have learned something about myself over the course of the last few months. I tend to get incredibly indignant about the way other people parent their children when it comes to protecting Sam. When I take him out to a playground, a store, a [...]