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Heading West

Tomorrow I join the throngs of female bloggers leaving their kids for the weekend. Only I am heading in the opposite direction from Blogher, as far away as I can get, really, as I am going to LA for a great and old friend’s wedding.
This will be my first time away on my own since [...]

Staying home today

I think it’s safe to say we’ve already been doing a little too much car travel this summer.
Yesterday Robby woke up from his nap in his bed and, while still half-asleep, exasperatingly asked, “Mooooooom, are we THERE YET?!”
I guess a Not So Manic Monday is in order; we’ haven’t had onE in a long, long [...]

Road Trippin’ College Kid and Preschooler Style

Our family is gearing up for a road trip, our longest ever.
It’s my 10-year College reunion. (Now I shall pause so that you can do math and figure out my age, but let me tell you my school does “cluster” reunions, so really it is my 11 year reunion because this year they are including [...]

Chanticleer Garden

The Feb/March issue of Organic Gardening featured a beautiful article on the best flowering trees. I noticed at the end of the piece that most of the photos for it had been taken at Chanticleer Garden, which happens to be in Wayne, Pennsylvania (not far!) and open to the public for half the week. So [...]

Annnnnnd we’re back!

One day, one day soon, I’ll start blogging again for real. Can I just blame “Summer”? Of the past 5 weekends we’ve been away for four of them, including a week long shore trip from which we’ve just returned. Not that I’m complaining. It’s just been busy.
But I love that we go to the same [...]

Greetings from the windy Jersey Shore

Well, things are . . . windy. We haven’t been swimming since Sunday due to wind, cold, and extremely rough seas. Instead, we’ve been biking, visiting the nature center, and heading out to the beach in sweats and windbreakers. As I said before, the shore in September is a very different thing, a different type [...]

The Shore in September

I’ve never been to a beach in September. It’s very different. It’s empty and more peaceful than in the summer, except for the ocean, which is dark and rough. Warmer now than just a few months ago though. The water is often warmer than the air, but again, much too rough for the kids.
But because [...]