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Stop It, You’re Making Me Blush

Well, I can’t say I’ve ever really been quoted before, at least not in print. So when Sarah of This One Goes Out To The Friends I Never Had asked if I’d be interested in interviewing with her for an article she was writing, I was flattered and totally game. She was taking on the [...]

Santa and I Are Throwing Down

New post up over at Imperfect Parent all about the stiff competition I have going on with Santa. Totally light-hearted, but I’m sure someone will find a way to tell me how morally evil I am anyway . . . And I can honestly say today that I care not.
Amy from Occupation: Mommy made a [...]

Outdoor adventures, outdoor threats

It was unseasonably warm in the Philadelphia-area today. Immediately upon stepping outside of the house to take the kids to the doctor for well-visits, we were shedding our coats in favor of our long-sleeved shirts. I was disappointed that we had to spend the beautiful morning in the doctor’s office, so I decided that after [...]

We All Have A Lot To Say About Dumbo’s Mom

Today was the second day since October that school drop off was without a major meltdown. Sam has been horribly upset every school day since I last wrote about this. I was always assured by his teachers that he was fine as soon as I left, often before I was even out of the building, [...]

Lunches, Links, Holidays, and…Links

I got to go out to lunch yesterday with some local mom bloggers. The ladies behind the wonderful sites Elebelly, Occupation: Mommy, Project: Motherhood, and Raising Itty Bitty Bookworms had nice long chats about . . . what the heck did we talk about? All I know is we made it last as long as [...]

Exploration - Linky Love

I’m so excited to share the following entries from our first Total Mom Theme exercise. I love the various ways each person interpreted the topic, “Exploration.” I was equally excited when I found similarities between posts as I was when they were completely different. (And I learned that I need to not read anyone else’s [...]

Great New Site For Philly Moms (and others too)

I’m sure most of you know about Silicon Valley Moms Blog and all of their wonderful sister sites, including DC Metro Moms and my personal favorite, Chicago Moms Blog. Well now I’m so happy to say that there is a brand new Philadelphia Moms Blog joining the ranks. It’s just in the beginning stages, but [...]