From Dirt To Dinner

Welcome to “From Dirt To Dinner: Celebrating Local Eating.”

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This project is the food baby of Kate (The Clean Plate Club) and Beth (Total Mom Haircut). We’re both busy moms of two just trying to make a difference in how our families eat. We want our children to know where their food comes from, and we want to support our local growers. And so, From Dirt To Dinner was born. It’s our way of emphasizing the fun and benefits of using local, seasonal ingredients in everyday meals.

Every Friday you’ll find posts on our blogs that relate to local eating and include ideas on how to cook, grow, and shop for the best of the season. Every other Friday we’ll focus specifically on a recipe and meal we each made using a seasonal, local ingredient that we choose ahead of time.

Sounds Great! - How Do I Participate?

We would love for you to join us in our local-eating endeavor. On these themed Fridays where we share recipes, I will have a Linky set up so that you can join in the fun. If you are going to link up, we ask that you write a post that celebrates the ingredient that’s been selected - tell us about how you used it. We also ask that you obtain that ingredient from a local source.

In your post, please talk about where and how you sourced your ingredients (this does not need to be a specific location - just letting everyone know if you’ve been lucky at the farmer’s market, a CSA share, a buying club, your own yard, etc.), where you found your recipe, if applicable, and what you’re having trouble finding locally. If all goes well, we hope this carnival will be a way for all of us to use each other as a resource for better eating. So be sure to click around and read the posts of all the other participants for ideas on how to obtain and prepare the freshest of ingredients.

We’ll also ask that in your post you link back to the recipe carnival post in which you are participating and display the From Dirt to Dinner button (the code is up there in that box to the right) so that your readers can find out how to join in on the fun!

What is “Local”?

Well, we feel that answer will be different for everyone. We want to encourage you to try your hand at local eating, and we know each person will be starting in a different place. This is not about setting rules and making it difficult for people to get started. The two of us have been working toward making our meals more local-based for quite some time, so our recipes will often include many ingredients from our areas, but we know that might not be possible for everyone, at least not yet.

At the very least, please make the theme ingredient come from a nearby source - your area farmer’s market, a CSA or buying club, local from your normal grocery, or your very own garden. Then do your best on all the other ingredients. We encourage you to challenge yourself to find new sources for your family’s food and to just try and do more each week that you participate.

I’m Ready - When Do I Start?

The next From Dirt To Dinner recipe carnival will take place on Friday, June 18th. The theme ingredient is BERRIES - strawberries, gooseberries, raspberries, blueberries - whatever is in season in YOUR AREA.

You can also feel free to link up to any previous carnivals at any time. The schedule below will be updated with links each Friday.

The From Dirt To Dinner Schedule


Topic Day - Growing Tomatoes (part one; part two) - May 14th

RHUBARB - May 21st



BEETS - July 2nd

CABBAGE - July 16th


TOMATOES - August 26th