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Drumroll and a camel.

Ready? brrrrrrrrrr…you know, I can’t actually make that drumroll sound with my mouth.  So I guess it makes sense that I have no idea how to write it here, either.  Anyway, picked at random using a random number generator (I had this whole elaborate plan of writing the numbers of all the comments down and [...]

Day Of Beth

Shhh…be very, very quiet. We’re hiding. No one can find us if you don’t make a sound. You hear the tantrum taking place on the other side of the door and down the stairs? Ignore that - we’re not here. Let someone else handle that, for today, today is our [...]


Dear Mr. Trash Man,
When my sons and I set out on our walk this morning, our sole purpose was to find you. Sure, watching you from afar (our window) has been fun, but it was time to really get in on the action, so I suggested we head out in search of you and your [...]

‘Tis my 200th Post, ‘Tis my very first GIVEAWAY!

That’s right people, it’s my 200th post here at the old Haircut. Technically I should have a lot more, but the 12 month hiatus during that second pregnancy and then the first few months of having two kids really put a damper on the frequency of posting - I think I probably wrote [...]


Removal of two 50 year old dead Ash trees, stumps ground, and removed from property: probably come in around $1875.

A three year old being entertained for the entire day in the comfort of our own living room: Priceless.

Tennis Court Tantrums and French Onion Soup

Nearly four years ago The Hubs and I went on a trip to Wisconsin, sort of a last hoorah before he began his second year of law school, and I went back to teaching in September. It wasn’t much of a trip, just to an inn with some restaurants, a pool, tennis courts (we [...]

A Second Opinion

Today I looked in the mirror, saw that there were at least two noticeable stains on my shirt, and proceeded to walk out the door. What is that? A total giving in and giving up? Oh, it’s so wrong, something I never would have predicted for myself.
Anyway, we were on our way [...]